Digital Video Camera Review

Digital Video Camera Review

Using A Digital Video Camera Review & Digital Camcorder Info To Make An Informed Purchase

Digital Video Camera Review

Unless your budget is unlimited, buying a digital video camera will result in a series of trade-offs in order for you to get the best features that will fall within your budget. It would be wise to read up on some digital video camera reviews before you actually make a purchase. Most of us who buy digital video cameras are either travelers who want to capture their traveling experience, parents or grandparents who want to capture those precious moments of their children, filmmakers or hobbyists who wish to record the world about them or gadget freaks who must have the latest and greatest toy. Reviews are are great way to find out all the essential digital camcorder info.

As soon as you place yourself in one of the above categories and take a look at why and when you may want to record an event, then read a digital camcorder review to find out which features you absolutely cannot do without.

Digital Video Camera Review

Ignore digital zoom - You really don't get a close up with this feature. You are simply getting an enlarged version with the best optical zoom that your camera supports. The larger the image, the worse it looks! When you are looking at the digital video camera reviews concentrate on the optical zoom performance.

Mexapixels don't matter - This number only matters if you are going to take a lot of still images. If you will be concerned about the quality of the video image, then take a look at how many chips are located in the camcorder and how big they are. With both CCD and CMOS the censor's size matters more than the mexapixels. The size of the lens and its quality also play a part in the overall image quality of your digital video. Make sure you check this when reading a dv camcorder review.

Wide Angle Shooting - This is an often overlooked feature in a digital video camera. This feature determines the ability of your camera to be able to shoot wide angle shots. It also determines how well you are able to shoot video in close quarters. Make sure you read up on this feature in the digital video camera reviews and test out this feature in any camera before you buy it.

Low Light Performance Matters - Low light usually means anything that is not outside on a sunny day. You want your digital video camera to take good pictures in your house where there is normal interior lighting as well as shooting video in late evening hours or even in a dimly lit basement. This is an important factor to scrutinize in the digital video camcorder review.

Make Sure the Camera Fits - It is very important that you get the right features in a digital video camera, but it is just as important to make sure that the camera you are purchasing is the proper fit for you. Are you able to hold the camera steady while you are shooting video? Is this camera comfortable in your hand? What about the buttons? Are they placed in a convenient position? Will the camera fit in your pocketbook or do you need a separate case? These are all questions that will help determine if a camera is right for you.

Understand Recording Formats - There are four main formats to choose from when you go to purchase a digital video camera: DVD, MiniDV, flash memory and hard drive. You should familiarize yourself with each one before you decide on a camera.

When Buying Online Beware - The only think I would like to caution you about when buying a digital video camera online is to make sure that you are dealing with a reputable company. Many companies offer "bargain" prices, but what the companies don't tell you is that in order to get that "bargain" price, they will try to saddle you with features that you may not even need. If this happens, go to another company. Make sure that you have read about all of the features you want in the digital video camera reviews.

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